Error Omission Insurance

Any professional needs error and omissions insurance for protection of physical assets as well as protection from the threat of lawsuits. No matter if the lawsuit is founded or not, the professional needs to spend time and money on a legal defense, so a monetary loss occurs even if there is nothing awarded to the […]

Understanding Error Omission Insurance

Considering the amount of time, effort, and resources that usually go into achieving professional or business success, it follows that protecting yourself should take priority. Providing a service or product, for example, can be personally and financially rewarding, but misinterpretation could leave you vulnerable. For this reason, error omission insurance should be a part of […]

“The Insurance You Need To Know About”

People do more research on service providers these days than ever before. If a business is to keep up with its competition it needs to assure customers that they are choosing the right company for whatever job it is.

Error & Omission Insurance Policy-A Boon For Professionals

Insurance is the risk management against certain contingencies. Error insurance¬† policy is exclusively designed for professionals who may be sued by their clients for faulty performances. This type of insurance is becoming an important tool for professionals like architects, lawyers, doctors, real estate agents and brokers to safeguard their interests as they may become easy […]

Error Omission Insurance

Error omission insurance is defined as a type of insurance that business professionals use for liability protection. It is necessary for real estate agents, brokers, insurance agents, attorneys, third party executives and others who maintain the responsibility of quality control. In order to protect their business and their service providers, most companies need an insurance […]