Errors And Omissions Insurance

Business owners and professionals such as real estate brokers, architects, insurance agents and third party administrators need errors and omissions insurance. A simple error or omission in a business can have serious financial ramifications which may force the proprietor to close shop. This type of insurance covers the business owner from claims that may result […]

Errors And Omissions Insurance

While insuring the business premises is very essential, insuring yourself, your workers and your business is also important. Most experts work with sincerity but sometimes mistakes occur that are not as a result of your negligence that costs the company. However, you may reduce such a risk by purchasing professor’s liability, professional indemnity and errors […]

Tips For Managing The Cost Of Errors And Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance is a necessary part of doing business in today’s diverse economy. Despite thorough safety precautions, business owners in a wide range of professions are still required to carry this type of coverage against possible lawsuits. Most clients and vendors will not consider dealing with a company that does not have adequate […]

Insurance For Error And Omission

Insurance is a highly important part of running a business. Not only is a business and investment in the future, it is the business owners main source of income. As such, this source of revenue needs to be protected at all costs. Disasters and unforeseen events can and do happen, and this is why a […]