Magnets: The Many Uses

Many of us may know the term magnet, but what are they exactly? They are objects that create a field, which cannot be seen, and attracts materials with ferromagnetic substances, such as iron. Magnets attract other materials, and they attract and repel magnets as well. While liquid substances containing ferromagnetic material may be magnetized when […]

Information On Ferrofluid And More

Ferrofluid is a balanced liquid that carries miniscule magnetic bits. Iron, cobalt and magnetite are a few of the basic metals. It is critical that these metals are little so they stay in the liquid shape when brought out to a magnetic component. Ferrofluid is moderately like magnetorheological fluid, except the molecules are a lot […]

Ferrofluid In Computers

Ferrofluid is one of the more interesting inventions in modern science. It is a fluid that can be manipulated by magnets and has some oter unique properties. The fluid can be manipulated into doing quite a few things, including change its shape. Most of these are essentially a change in consistency. With a magnet the […]