Factors In Calculating The Cost Of Legal Malpractice Insurance

Practicing attorneys are sued statistically at least once during their careers; this is why attorneys need to carry legal malpractice insurance. The cost of malpractice insurance is impacted by the location of the practice, the size of the firm, your specialty and background and the current political climate. Also referred to as professional liability insurance, […]

In Defense Of Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Recent graduates who passed the bar exam are so anxious to start practicing law that they forget how vital adequate lawyers professional liability insurance is to a successful practice. A new attorney may join a large or small firm, then forget about obtaining even the most basic coverage. However, almost anyone can be sued, by […]

Professional Liability Insurance Is A Must For An Attorney

If statistics are correct, then six percent of attorneys practicing in the US will have an allegation of professional liability enacted against them each year. Such claims against attorneys have been on the increase for the past two decades and are not letting up. This risk is escaped by no attorney in any area of […]

The Necessity Of Attorney Professional Liability Insurance

According to statistics, every year in the United States, approximately 6% of the attorney’s will find themselves facing a situation of professional liability. In fact, in the past 20 years, liability claims for attorneys have increased consistently. This means that having attorney professional liability insurance has become an absolute necessity.

3 Tips To Save Money On Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance (often called errors & omission) is something that is imperative for any professional. Obviously many people would fall into this category, such as accountants, doctors, lawyers, home inspectors, architects, etc. No matter how diligent you are, it is always possible for a client to file a lawsuit against you, for even the […]

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

New attorneys often forget about the importance of lawyers professional liability insurance. Even if their state requires it, some attorneys do not take the matter seriously. They simply end up buying the most basic policies, without thinking about what is being offered. Such an approach will lead an attorney to failure, regardless of what type […]

Battling Malpractice Lawsuits The Easy Way

In general, malpractice refers to a perceived improper action by any person that may have caused injuries or damages to another. Established professionals such as dentists, doctors, and lawyers often carry malpractice insurance policies, and these policies, for the most part, are largely based on their occupation and, of course, their potential exposure to lawsuits […]

Avoid Paying Out-of-Pocket For Negligence Claims

Professional liability insurance, also referred to as errors and omissions insurance, is a specialized insurance policy designed to cover businesses and individual professionals against mistakes they may make during the course of business. While not all businesses have a need for professional liability insurance, many service providers who are offering a plethora of different services […]

Professional Liability Insurance Is The Cost Of Doing Business

Professional liability insurance, or professional indemnity, covers an individual against legal claims made against him or her as a result of professional activities. Different kinds of insurance for different professions may be called by a variety of names. Doctors are the most well known holders of this coverage in the form of malpractice insurance. Lawyers, […]

The Merits Of The Case For Legal Malpractice Insurance Cost

The Merits Of The Case For Legal Malpractice Insurance Cost Legal malpractice, two words that no attorney wants to think about. However, the statistics say that all practicing attorneys will be sued at least once over the course of their careers. Certain factors will even increase the likelihood of being sued and have a profound […]