Getting A Mental Health Professional Online Quote

The mental-health-professional industry and health-counselors are subject to higher degree of insurance claims from the client. If you are a medical professional and have obtained qualification in mental health studies before embarking on a career you should safeguard your interests and get general and professional liability coverage.

Take Mental Health Professional Liability Insurance

If you work in the health insurance industry, may be in a hospital or clinic, then consider it very necessary to obtain Mental Health Professional Liability Insurance. This is because there are many people who may be dissatisfied with the quality of your work (even if there is nothing wrong at all) and so may […]

Mental Health Professional Liability Insurance

Mental health workers such as substance and drug abuse counselors, and psychologists, typically carry professional liability insurance. This is a type of policy that covers claims that are not physical in nature. Standard insurance will usually cover damage to a third party’s person or property, but malpractice policies will cover the medical professional in the […]