Avoiding The Bug: Taking Precautions Against Flu Season

As the weather cools and autumn sets in, many people are preparing themselves for flu season. Getting the flu is never fun. It can even be quite dangerous. Young children, the elderly and those who are already sick are particularly prone to the flu. To make matter worse, it can be fatal for those who […]

Microflex Gloves: The Various Types And Applications

The disposable gloves industry has grown tremendously over the last couple of years. For a long time now, natural rubber has been the main component in the manufacture of gloves especially those used for medical purposes. Some of the most common gloves in the market today are nitrile and vinyl gloves. In most instances, these […]

Microflex Gloves-The Most Trusted Brand

Microflex Gloves are a common and trusted brand of gloves. Microflex has been in business for over twenty years. Their products are used in many hospitals around the world. Also, tattoo artists use these special name brand gloves to work on their customers. Dentists and lab associates also use microflex gloves. Besides business uses, they […]