Using Plate Magnets For Quality Control

Soup factory owners are concerned with quality control throughout their entire operation, and plate magnets play a significant role. Of chief importance is that the product is manufactured in a manner that it is safe for consumers. Mishaps can occur in factory conditions, and on occasion, foreign objects accidentally get into soup containers. Such mistakes […]

Plate Magnets For Safe Food Production

The US Food and Drug Administration keeps an eye on food production to guarantee consumer safety. Before it was created, there were numerous reports of food poisoning and related issues, prompting the government to take action in behalf of the public. Nowadays, the FDA conducts safety checks on food processing facilities to ensure that the […]

The Benefit Of Using Plate Magnets

Plate magnets are used industrially to remove fine iron and tramp iron from sugar, corn, flour, gravel, and granular plastic. These magnets are placed in chutes and above conveyor belts that transport the processed product. The plate magnet can be placed above the flow of product or below the flow of product to attract tramp […]