Understanding Psychologist Liability Insurance

Mental health professionals insurance just beginning a practice have many responsibilities to consider, not the least of which is the inevitable purchase of Psychologist Liability Insurance. Much time and effort goes into starting a practice for any specialty of health care, and psychologists especially are at risk of malpractice or other claims because of the […]

The Necessity Of Psychologist Malpractice Insurance

People complain about the high cost of mental healthcare, not realizing that a lot of what they pay for helps to pay for the psychologist malpractice insurance of their medical professionals. Psychologists work in a profession that necessitates constant close contact with patients. This unfortunately can lead to baseless claims being made, which can be […]

Psychologist Liability Insurance – Reduces Your Chances Of Lawsuit

In today’s company climate it’s very complex to run a successful practice as a practicing psychologist insurance. Patients have befallen more litigious than before and the cost of managing a private practice has augmented. Government regulations are insidious and also add onto the cost. Therefore carrying Psychologist Liability Insurance becomes mandatory to protect your assets […]

The Psychologist Liability Insurance

If by any chance you are a psychologist and you do not have psychologist liability insurance then you are likely to put your job and yourself on the line at anytime.  In today’s world where lawsuits are prevalent, those who work under mental health professions are commonly being sued.  There is always someone out there […]

Psychologist Liability Insurance Helps Professionals In An Uncertain World

A highly useful field with many variables is counseling or psychology. Any person in the profession should protect themselves with psychologist liability insurance. Even the most conscientious and caring professional can come up against a malpractice lawsuit brought by a disgruntled patient.  It is part of being a professional in today’s world to take preventative […]