Necessity Of Carrying Physical Therapist Liability Insurance

Physical therapist liability insurance is vital to protect the years of training that this professional has completed. A physical therapist is a medical professional that works in a variety of settings to help those with injuries or disease processes to gain an increased amount of bodily strength or range of motion in the limb and […]

Purchasing Physical Therapist Liability Insurance

With a physical therapist insurance career, you have spent a lot of time getting proper education as well as building up work related experience in order to be successful at what you do.  You want to make sure that you take extra care to protect your reputation in the physical therapy world.  One way that […]

Therapist Liability Insurance – A Hassle Free Insurance

Like all professionals a therapist also needs insurance. Malpractice lawsuits not only occur with others but can also occur with us too. Therapists have a very subjective type of work as compared to other health supervisors. If the client is not satisfied then he/she might just file a suit against you for unsuccessful treatment. In […]

Protect Your Finances By Having Therapist Liability Insurance

People who practice any type of healing or service connected to the health and well being of others will want to have insurance. The Therapist Liability Insurance will cover those practitioners who do not possess a degree or license in their particular field. Of course medical practitioners need coverage as well, but they usually get […]

Why You Should Have Malpractice Insurance

If you’re a health professional, the risk of a malpractice suit is constant. For therapists, there’s always the chance that a patient will think their treatment inadequate. A therapist must accept this risk as part of the job, and be adequately insured, with liability insurance. This is a brief overview of this type of insurance, […]