Considerations for Staffing Agencies Hiring Independent Contractors

Staffing agencies earn money by simplifying the recruiting and hiring process for other companies. While most businesses are looking for temporary or permanent employees, some prefer to use contract labor. Here are some things to consider when placing an independent contractor in a staffing agency.

What Is Stop Gap Coverage?

No matter what kind of business you run, you need a policy that covers expenses associated with injuries and illnesses that employees get on the job. For many employers, workers compensation coverage or employer liability policies handle these costs. If you own a staffing agency, have higher risks, or are in a state where workers […]

How Can a Professional Employer Organization Benefit Your Business?

Running a small or mid-sized business involves significant responsibility. Especially when you are first starting out, a lot of the responsibility for tax administration, payroll, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation falls on you. A professional employer organization can help to ease the burden.

How To Prevent Injuries From Impacting Your Auto Shop

An auto shop is a workplace where injuries can be unfortunately common. Between various people working and the dangerous machinery used, it can be easy for employees to get hurt. Thankfully, there are measures you can enact that reduce the frequency of auto shop injuries and their impact on your business.

Preparing Your Company for Risks

If you’re the risk manager for your business, you are responsible for a variety of duties including protecting your company from financial failures.  Your business is likely required to have worker’s compensation insurance.  Depending on the size of your business, you may be able to purchase self-insurance instead.  Your company will require you to assess […]