Thanks to the Government, Today’s Youth Has No Respect, No Conscience by Todd Rutherford

To hold today’s youth up to moral standards, first there needs to be morals established in everyday society. Today’s generation of young people is growing up in a world without a moral compass, relativity, where issues and morals are relative, and truth is being redefined daily. Similarly, many children are growing up without exposure to the true nature of God and Bible doctrine that it would be unfair to expect anything otherwise from them.

William Simpson’s new book Living in the Hope of My Imagination calls out the U.S. government for creating the precarious situation described above. The government is not for the people, Simpson argues. “Greed, money, power and control,” are the vices at the forefront of the decay of moral conscience.

Simpson reveals example after historical example to prove that basic God-ordained moral standards have been compromised by the government. When you stop holding individuals accountable for their actions, you will get chaos and “ignorance will run rampant.” Take your pick as Simpson highlights the hippie movement, sexual freedom and Roe vs. Wade as just a few of the movements that have shaped the standards we have today. The impact of Roe vs. Wade is being felt to this day-as over 1.4 million abortions take place every year. The question at the core of the abortion issue is “How far do we depart from morality in the interest of convenience?”

Freedom of expression is an important element of the democracy we live in. However, Simpson argues that we have been brainwashed into a culture of negativity, where life is full of anger and hopelessness. Children are not as involved with Bible Study classes and church attendance is low. But even if they went to church, children would just be getting more of this amoral instruction-instead of government-imposed, it would be the church. Basically, the church and state have combined to systematically desensitize the true nature of religion from the equation. Case in point: in the public education system, all traces of Christianity have been eliminated in favor of cultural diversity.

What will it take to realize that as adults, we are setting a bad example for our children, who are the future of our nation? Any notion of respect is practically nonexistent in much of today’s youth. No moral conscience means a world full of wild individuals with no limits. Consider the recent shootings in Tucson, Arizona, where an innocent nine-year-old and several others were slaughtered outside a grocery store. The news is littered with increasingly disturbing stories that keep bringing up the same question, “Have they no moral conscience?”

Read William Simpson’s Living in the Hope of My Imagination for a better understanding of just who is running amok: today’s youth-read further to learn what is behind it all: the federal government.

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