The Basics of Starting Your Own Cleaning Company


Dream of having your own cleaning company? The cleaning company business can be a very profitable one if you work hard and get started on the right foot. If you run a household then you already have the practice and know what needs to be done when you clean someone else’s home. The most important part of cleaning someone else’s home is being thorough and honest. The other part is the business side of things and luckily that can be learnt. In this article I will be going over some of the steps you need to take in order to start your own cleaning company. So without any further delay let me give you the steps to help you unlock your dream.

Where do you fit in? Residential or commercial?

First off you need to decide if you would like to clean residences or business or both. I do not advise tacking both from the beginning, as you first need to get a feel for the business and gain experience before you can make a success in both areas. Your marketing strategy and equipment needs would be different for the respective areas.

Get business name and licence

Once you have decided which branch of the cleaning business you want to concentrate and you have worked considerably on your business plan, then you need to register your business. Your business needs a name, a name which is catchy and simple. Brain storm some ideas with friends and see what you come up with.

Business registration is the next big step. Registration of your business allows you to trade freely and fairly. People want to know that they are working with a registered company. You also need to register your business for tax purposes.

Insurance for your cleaning company

Business insurance is very important in protecting yourself and your business should you ever be sued. If you or one of the people on your cleaning staff happen to break any item which belongs to the client, you need to have the money to replace this item. Insurance protects you from accidents which are bound to happen from time to time, if you are in the cleaning business.

Buy the right equipment

Cleaning agents must be bought in bulk if you want to save money. You can always transfer the cleaning agents into smaller bottles for individual use. It goes without saying that if you are working in commercial spaces then you would need to bigger quantities of cleaning agent. The basic cleaning equipment which you will need would be; rags, buckets, black bags, dusters and so forth. While the bigger cleaning equipment would be your vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaners and floor polishers.

Make business cards and advertise

When your company is registered you can start implementing your marketing strategy. The specifics of your marketing strategy depends on whether you are marketing your business to home owners or commercial businesses, schools and other enterprises, it also depends on your budget. At the start of your advertising campaign you need to make business cards and flyers for your business. These can be handed out to potential customers both residential and commercial. You can also place ads in the local newspaper and on the radio if your budget permits it.

Starting your own cleaning company is hard work but is also very satisfying. Train your staff to do a thorough job each and every time, keep your prices competitive, and watch how your business grows!

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