The Drunk Irishman’s Help Guide To Locating Apartments In Rio De Janeiro

Many of us have had that kind of night. And we ordinarily pay for it the next day. With a little luck you have not taken the notion to such extremes as films such as The Hangover. However, if you find yourself on vacation in a place like Rio de Janeiro and you’re having a great time, well, where would you draw the line? Clearly, the more you drink, the more fuzzy this line becomes. So if perhaps you’ve come to be inebriated in Copacabana or Ipanema you’re left with an essential query. How can I find my way home to my rio apartments or hotels?

Now certainly, you don’t want to be “that guy.” But you’re on a holiday, exactly what do you do. You didn’t travel all this way to sit around in flats, rentals or apartments doing nothing and the restaurant in your hotels and accommodations can become dull fairly quickly. So what is one to do? You need to find a more interesting piece of real estate.

Well obviously you need to come up with other plans. Happily enough, Ipanema and Copacabana has some of the best nightlife possibilities in Rio de Janeiro. The problem is the fact that you are a lush as soon as you’ve had a few you can’t handle yourself. Hopefully you’ll at least wake up in a place that doesn’t include iron bars and it would be nice if you still have most of your clothing.

Part of the key to this is really preparing in advance. Keeping a card tethered to you with the information for your hotels, apartments, flats, rentals, or wherever will be crucial. Because let’s be honest, you would get lost if you were sober, how are you going to expect to find your accommodations in a city like Rio de Janeiro if your slobbering drunk. Not possible, simple as that. Another main factor that could be crucial to your survival is to simply have a friend (a good friend), who is lots more responsible than you. After all, if this crutch is pulled out from below you in the middle of the evening you could be in for some problems. It will really depend on how close your friendship is, or how hot the chick is that he manages to hook up with during the night time. This would be an inverse relationship.

Overall, if you just find a beach and pass out you’ll eventually become sober. Probably a better place than some of the other places that you could go walking into in this city. So tip back another drink! Cheers!

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