The Greatest Choices For Vaporizers For Smoking

Hey there, in this article I’m gonna talk about which vaporizers work best, in my own experience. I’ve long known about the benefits of using a vaporizer in lieu of a water pipe for clean, fresh pulls.

Back in the day, you could run smoke through water to take out some of the harshness.

These days, you have the option of using a vaporizer, and this article will tell you what brands I recommend after lots of fun testing.

Before I begin, a few facts, for reviews’ sake, about how vaporizers work and why they’re healthier for you than a regular pipe:

You actually inhale water vapor, instead of smoke
Less particulate matter (the stuff that comes from burning plant material) to inhale
You conserve your herbs by vaporizing- you just don’t need to pack as much, so you save money
You get the purest effect this way

OK, so you are now up to speed on the basics, so here’s my choices:

First is the classic Volcano Vaporizer- these are great for vaping with friends because it holds quite a bit of herbs and you can fill up bags full of the vapor and pass them around. The bags attach to the Volcano with a neat little attachment that allows you to seal the bag until the next person is ready for a hit.

As awesome as the Volcano is, it’s also pretty expensive and I think you might be better off with a middle of the road version.

Like I mentioned in a previous article, my pal has an Iolite Portable Vaporizer and he swears by it. It works great, but you do have to do a bit of maintenance with these. Because maintenance is the name of the game for clean tokes with a pipe, vaporizer or whatever you’re using, this shouldn’t necessarily turn you off the the idea.

If you’re gonna be on the go or want to make your breaks at work more fun, the Iolite is probably what you want.

If I could pick only one though, it would definitely be the Vapor Bros. vaporizer. These are a box style vape and you’ll find lots of look- alikes. Don’t be fooled- the Vapor Bros has unparalleled quality from the heating element to the on and off switch. I’ve wasted money on some of the cheapies and let me tell you it’s not worth your time. Reports abound online warning of the dangers of heating the inferior components of the cheapies.

You always turn a new vape on for a while to get rid of any impurities, but the cheap ones never stop giving off these fumes. You might as well just smoke a water pipe if you’re gonna inhale all that garbage with the imitations.

If you haven’t picked up on it already, I know tons about vaporizers for smoking herbal blends. But what do others have to say about them?

Here’s some enthusiastic reviews from customers:

“The product is just great, saves on [herbal blend], no hacking cough , much better buzz”
“it vaporizes your herb and doesn’t hurt your lungs”
“vaporizing is so much easier on the mouth, throat and lungs than smoking”
“The smell it emits is more than 50% less than smoking, it is just a little puff and it dissipates quicker than smoke”
“I used to smoke but I NEVER will again! I’ve been researching the whole vaporizing thing and this product seemed to be the best”
“No more lung pain,a pleasant herbal taste,and no more stinking up a room”

I have a website dedicated to vaporizers and I’d like you to visit it- you can click one of the links in the resource setion below to access it. Hopefully, you found my article on vaporizers for smoking helpful in choosing the one that’s right for you!

Did you like my information on vaporizers for smoking? You’ll find all you need to choose the vaporizer that’s best for you at my website by clicking here! My name is Jeff and I recommend vaporizers any chance I get!

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