The Importance Of Psychologist Malpractice Insurance.

A psychologist malpractice insurance is an important instrument that protects a professional practicing psychologist from any claims made against them. The cover can be taken in two ways, as a group or individually. This policy should have liability limits to protect the policyholder’s business and personal assets. A Psychologist Malpractice Insurance should also cover court and other legal fees that may be required by the attorney.


Every professional must have some kind of cover against any claims that may be made against them during the course of their duties. Psychologists must also have cover against any claims of sexual misconduct or harassment. This is because such accusations can destroy a business and taint the reputation of the psychologist. this insurance cover provides protection against a variety of claims ranging from slander, libel, defamation of character to malicious advertisements. Other types of suits may include piracy and infringement of copyright by competitors. With a psychologist malpractice insurance, any psychologist will always be prepared to file suits or defend themselves and their business against any claims forthcoming.

A good policy should provide cover for premise liability. This type of cover will enable the business to challenge any claim made against it concerning events taking place within the premises. These kinds of claims cost a lot of money to defend so having the right kind of cover will ensure that your business is not affected by such claims. The tail policy in the insurance cover provides provides cover for claims made years after the patient was treated regardless of whether or not the psychologist is still practicing or not. Before buying any policy a psychologist should do consultations to make sure that the policy they sign provides sufficient cover.

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