The Infamous Zippo Lighter

The novel Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury, a science fiction novel, became known as the Great American Novel has changed American writing. No matter the reason why an individual picks this book up to read it, whether it was required to read in school or a personal read, no one can ever forget the opening line of this classic novel. ‘It was a pleasure to burm. A Zippo lighter is a wonder to burn, and they make burning a pleasure.’


Bradley slowly brought science fiction into a now respected part of American literature. Almost exactly the same way that the butane lighter has become a part of the American culture. Another classic icon of the lighter was represented by Alfred Hitchcock who tells about a man who has a lighter who then places a bet betting one of his fingers against the opposers brand new vehicle. The bet was that his lighter would light up ten out of ten times.

The first lighters were invented in the sixteenth century when soldiers began to use their pistols, which were flintlock, to light up their tobacco. Although the lighter was originally a German invention the Zippo lighter was created based off of their design in the United States of America in the year 1932. It is a great experience when one reaches into their pocket looking to light up a tobacco treat and pull out a nice and polished brass square. Then they will feel the experience of flipping open the top of the zippo and hearing that wonderful click.

The smokers thumb then gently rests on the wheel that is ridged perfectly and then the thumb presses down and snaps back. This creates the sound of friction which allows for a small firework show to occur followed by blue sparks. The butane smell hits the nose of the user and the flame of the Zippo sits their waiting to light a cigar, cigarette, or even a pipe. The fire attracts to the tobacco and satisfies that individuals craving.

Many zippos are found in the pockets of many Americans like applie pie or even corn on the cob is found in the United States. This has been used to light the way or even provide light in a dark room. It is a pleasure to light a zippo lighter and it is indeed a pleasure to burn with this lighter.

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