The Lost of the Great White Throne and a New Beginning by Todd Rutherford

Near the end of Denise Goutatis’ The Lost of the Great White Throne is most compelling. Throughout the text, Denise Goutatis delivers the message that in our suffering, God himself suffers and God loves everyone, but hates the sin. Lucifer will try to deceive mankind into the same fate that is delivered unto him when Father God said to him, “Depart from me into the lake of fire prepared for you Lucifer your demons and your fallen angels. With those spoken words demons were thrown violently and fallen angels and the death angel that had followed Lucifer.”

By following Lucifer, even the most sinful and sinister of souls will have to bow down and spend eternity in a hopeless pit of suffering. The scene of the end time depicted in the final chapter is riveting, as Jesus himself pleads for the forgiveness of the souls approaching the great white throne. Father God’s response, however, is unwavering: “What can we do my Son your blood did not cover them because in life they chose not to know you.”

Even the most terrible of souls can repent and avert the fate that materializes in Denise Goutatis’ vision. When God has judged all, he demolishes the current sinful world and creates a new heaven and a new earth.

In this new world, God is with men and he will “wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” In sum, Denise Goutatis’ mission is to relay the message of God and the consequences of failing to heed the message: “Jesus is coming, Are you ready to meet him. Please don’t be in the company of The Lost Of The Great White Throne.”

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