The Man with Three Million Eternal Friends by Todd Rutherford

Born in Sweden and a longtime resident of Africa for more than 20 years, Karl Hargestam and his family currently reside in Pine Mountain Club, located in Southern California. His home is nestled some 6000 feet up in the mountains just north of Los Angeles.

At the age of 21 Karl Hargestam left his home in Sweden, with the instruction God had given him to connect with and share the Gospel with the unreached people of Africa. During his early ministry in Africa, Karl, together with his family and staff, became the impetus for an enormous change among African tribes that had never before heard the name of Jesus. Many of these tribes now have strongly established local churches.

Karl, along with his wife Jennifer, are founders of Joshua Campaign International, a pioneering mission and evangelism movement that reaches hundreds of thousands each year and have seen more than 3 million people respond to the Gospel. In their crusades they have had crowds of over 300,000 present at one single service. Thousands of churches have been planted as they call for a Gospel army of believers to join the great “assignment.”

Millions of people in Africa, Asia and the Middle East have been impacted by the work of Joshua Campaign International and the book, The Assignment as well as their own personal “assignment,” all are now leading Karl, Jennifer and their team into new unconquered territories around the world.

Inspired by such authors as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, Hargestam writes because there are still people to reach. Having had the privilege of addressing over 40 million people face-to-face at Gospel festivals, it became apparent that the booklets people were leaving with stayed with them for many years. It was then that Karl saw the power in the written word, and he was subsequently compelled to begin research on The Assignment: Journey to the Extreme, what is now the first book in a series to follow.

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