The Many Uses Of Neodymium Magnets

A neodymium magnet is a type of permanent magnet that is considered to be the strongest magnets among other magnets available. It is one of the most well liked used rare earth magnets today because it can be used in different ways. This type of magnet is made up of three main elements and these are, alloy containing neodymium, iron and boron. This type of magnet is a hybrid magnet that can hold up to a thousand times more of its weight. It is also known for its many industrial applications or uses. It was discovered by two well known motor companies, General Motors Company and Sumitomo Metal Industries.


Because of its various sizes and shapes, neodymium magnets are commonly used in magnetic filters that separate substances. In the electronic industry, this type of man made magnets is used to create components of a hard drive and other electronic storage device. Moreover, in building construction, neodymium magnets have been useful in holding up and looking for small metal pieces such as nails, studs and spikes. Generator machines are also powered by the help of this magnet.

In health care application, a very tiny size of this magnet is used by some of the physicians in realigning the natural magnetic field of the human body as well as diagnosing other symptoms or treating diseases. There are a number of hospital machines and devices with neodymium magnets. Hospital machines such as MRI is partly made of neodymium magnets which help in holding up the pieces of that big machine.