The Need For Counseling Liability Insurance

Counseling sessions are a form of medical care insurance, and one of the reasons why medical care in general is so expensive is because the provider – in this case, the counselor – must purchase liability insurance. This will cover any potential malpractice suits, a good possibility in the duration of a counselor’s career. Liability coverage, also known as individual professional liability coverage, is there to protect health care professionals for Counseling Liability Insurance.

Most commonly, this type of insurance covers tangible and intangible damages. Intangible damages are, in other words, psychological or emotional damage done to a patient. Although this would fall under a malpractice lawsuit, it is more difficult to determine how much damage is done, and how much it is worth, because it is not physical.

The increase in malpractice suits over the last decade or so have made it essential for the self-interests of individual health providers to get as much coverage as possible. Counselor liability insurance could mean the difference between self-defense and losing everything, or more than everything, in the case of a lost malpractice suit.

Although often a counselor’s employer will extend some type of insurance as an employment benefit, this often will not cover all costs in the case of a legal suit. The employer has a vested in interest in looking out for the entire firm or business before they worry about individual counselors, so this may leave them in vulnerable situations. Counseling liability coverage could make a big difference to a counselor in an emergency.

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