The Pristine Look: White Dresses Posted on June 20, 2011 by edressmenow

The Pristine Look: White Dresses Posted on June 20, 2011 by edressmenow

There may be a thousand reasons not to wear white – “it’s a bit too translucent,” “what if I spill coffee over it?” “it’s too white” honestly the list goes on, but that really shouldn’t prevent you from wearing this pristine color. Don’t be scared of white dresses, own them. No pun intended haha…

Really all you need to reassure yourself that White is right is that one moment in front of the mirror, look at yourself, and say “I look GOOD in this” Don’t worry about the coffee or anything else. If it looks good on you, which it does, that’s all you need!

One of the best things about white dresses is they go well with many skin tones, and they match almost everything you could find in your wardrobe and accessory box. Emanating a youthful brightness and cheerfulness, white dresses are good for either a walk in the park or an outdoor wedding in August.

A woman who wears white shows her bold spirit and fearlessness. This woman dares to wear something so pristine while others tremble at the very thought.

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