The Restaurants Johannesburg Has To Offer

Eating out is among life’s greatest delights. In visiting a fine dining eaterie, you are able to escape from the humdrum regimen of daily living and walk into a realm of delicious flavour sensations, crisp white table linen and the clink of crystal glasses. On the other hand, if you prefer to go to a family diner where the locals go, then it is possible to accomplish this as well. You may not be waited on hand and foot in the lap of luxury as is usually the case with a 5-star establishment but at minimum you will not need to cook the meal and then wash the dirty pots and plates later. Regardless of what your preferences are, there’ll probably be a location to suit you amongst the numerous restaurants Johannesburg has to offer.

Once you begin to check out the wide variety of restaurants Johannesburg has, you’ll see that they fall into distinct categories:

Pubs and cafes

The focus in bars is usually on the alcohol served there but there’s usually some sort of snack food offered even if of dubious quality. Coffee shops, on the other hand, are a great bet as they offer decent filling meals at reasonable prices but are mostly only available in the daytime for breakfast, lunch and ‘afternoon tea’.


These are the restaurant chains with the appealing names offering typical wobble-free cuisine. Even though they are somewhat predictable since the food selection is the same whichever one you visit, you at least know what you’re getting.


You go to stylish eateries to see and be seen, so the emphasis is on style rather than substance, which means that the meals may not live up to the reputation of the place.


Ethnic eateries are where you can get, not only the native food of the local inhabitants of the metropolis or nation you are touring, but the dishes of numerous other nationalities as well. The world is now a very small place, and you no longer need to go to Japan to locate quality Japanese meals, for example.

Fine dining and ’boutique’

These establishments fall into the top echelons of the dining hierarchy and tend to be of a prime quality even though they are typically higher priced. Here you are likely to find specialised dishes and nouvelle cuisine-style dishes.

If you are from another city and looking for restaurants Johannesburg has to offer, there are a number of ways you could proceed. If you are in possession of a laptop with internet access then it is easy to locate restaurants by browsing online. If you don’t have your 3G card along, you might still have the ability to conduct an internet investigation from your place of lodging because a lot of of these places now offer wireless internet access in the lounge area. Needless to say, you could always ask the staff but then you may be directed no further than the onsite eating place your hotel provides.

If you are looking to go further afield than that, then you can try calling the Johannesburg Tourism Company which offers all manner of information to visitors to the city, including the particulars of many restaurants you can try.

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