The War of God and Church by Todd Rutherford

Miriam Clifford’s Gatekeeper: Writing the Wrongs Right is not a typical spiritual or self-help book; rather than pander to publishing deals, tenures, or academic approval and recognition or someone else’s notion of “proper,” she addresses the cynical concerns of a cynical world-through a spiritual book for the modern reader. Clifford does not choose to insult the reader’s intelligence by forcing Scripture and self-help advice to fit our lives in an immutable way, rather, she addresses a world that is filled with distrust and a reader that has learned to be distrustful as a byproduct of modern life and unfulfilled promises from the Church, the government, the media, and the people in our lives.

She acknowledges the modern hindrances to believing in the promises of God, a cynicism fostered by lives filled with broken promises; “It is easy to be cynical whenever someone makes us a promise. We have all known people who made promises and then didn’t keep them.” Clifford recognizes that “Our society is full of promises, albeit broken promises,” cognizant of from where our natural questioning and pervading distrust comes; “Governments make promises and break them. Advertisers make promises and break them. Preachers make promises and break them. Husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, friends and enemies make promises and break them.” Although she understands from where our skepticism has come, Clifford reminds us of the important fact that “there is One who makes promises and never breaks them” and that “Your trust is to only be in God.”

In a society where many have abandoned faith completely, arising from a general distrust, specifically in organized religion, she reminds us that religion “misses its true calling” and as a byproduct of man, “If you want to get disappointed quickly, start trusting man.” Clifford helps readers to recognize that man is no reason to forsake our faith in God. More than anything else, God hates a system of religion that teaches people they can earn their way to heaven. It is a form of mastery to banish mind spam of a lifetime, but it is one step towards breakthrough.”

Her progressive ability to separate the motivations of God from the motivations of the Church serves to address a society that has failed to separate the two on its own, and has failed to be guided by other spiritual and self-help books that do not acknowledge that these two entities must be distinguished from one another. Clifford’s work is resonant and thought-provoking, helping readers who have become distrustful of faith entirely by politicians who use God to support the promises that they break and the Church that uses the word of God to support the promises that they break, reminding us that it is man who has broken these promises, not God.

Gatekeeper is truly stimulating and created for modern readers and modern believers who have been led astray by man, helping them to come back to the path created for them by God through self-assessment and the ability to distinguish the divine from the human.

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