Things You Should Know About Hair Straighteners

hair straighteners

Nowadays, women have always craved for straight hair, and now the smoothness is so much easier to acquire since the use of hair straighteners. However,hair curls and bends due to hydrogen molecules in the hair, causing moisture. Hair straighteners help release the moisture to give the elegant look. Over the years, there were a variety of hair straighteners, flat irons,to chemical solutions. The hair straightener invented by Erica Feldman was a lotion that ended up ruining a lot of hair.

Things have come a long way since then, and there are a range of high quality hair straighteners on the market today. Top straighteners are revolutionary in design and use.

Types of Hair Straighteners

1,Of course, the most common method of straightening your hair is blow dry every morning after washing. These easy to make, but it takes some time, and unfortunately, it does not last long. You can be sure that it can even last all day.
2,The CHI hair straighteners are very popular today, approved and used by many celebrities. This flat iron smooths very effectively all hair types, even if your hair is coarse, curly and wild. The effects are long lasting dramatically. The chi hair straightener is made from patented ceramic plates or Tourmaline. This gives him the ability to work on the hair without pulling or tearing of the hair. Improve the smooth hair, it works well for colored hair, and is able to withstand the heat and light for an extended period.
3,Chemical hair straighteners are also a good option for many. It was first developed in Japan and is especially good for hair that was not previously treated. The effect is temporary, which means it lasts until the hair grows or restyled. However, there complained of damage to the hair, use a high quality straighteners to protect your hair.
4,You can also choose the hair straightener steam iron is very similar technology to that used for ironing clothes. However, it has its limits, although very good for wavy hair, it is not very effective for curly hair. Moisture tends to curl the hair further.
5,Ionic Hair restructuring is another way to straighten hair. This allows water molecules to enter the structure of hair to moisturize from the inside. The procedure could take up to three hours, because it involves the shampoo, protective ion spray pre-treatment, and then applying a relaxer. It takes about 3-4 months, or until it grows.

Some tips on hair straighteners

One of hair straighteners convenient to use is ghd hair straighteners. This flat iron seems to be chosen for most users. Made from ceramic plates, it discharge ion is very good for hair and actually helps maintain the strength of the hair intact.

However for this to work best for you, we suggest you follow the techniques:

  1. Always shampoo your hair before using it, so it is clean.
  2. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you. It should not be moisture in the hair at all.
  3. Straighten your hair gradually for best results. This ensures that every strand gets the sweet look.
  4. Use small Sedu flat iron for hair shorter and wider for those with long hair.
  5. As the ghd hair straightener allows you to adjust the temperature, ensures that you set it properly. The recommended temperatures – low for fine hair or damaged, average for normal hair and high for very curly or frizzy hair.
  6. You can use an additional air conditioner as serum for hair for a softer look.

Chemical straghteners or solutions of relaxation can be used. A designer usually does this procedure because it can be difficult to properly use chemicals without adequate knowledge. The hair will be carefully combed to ensure that the solution reaches each strand. It will be left in place for only 5 to 10 minutes. This must be cleaned quickly as it can damage the hair if it is maintained during this period. Do not comb hair about while straightening, because it is very fragile at this point.

Best Hair Straightener
To find the best flat iron for you, it’s always good to read reviews on top straghteners on the market. Articles are enrolled in this section provide comments straighten hair to help you choose the best hair straightener. Also check out our Best Flat Iron for more comments about the irons. We recommend you talk to professional hairdressers and / or users before choosing the best hair straightener for you.

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