Time To Try The Cosmic Ordering Service For yourself

More and more people are starting to think about the possibility of being able to order just about anything that is desired from the universe and actually receiving it. It is no surprise that people are looking closely at cosmic ordering since it has received a great deal of publicity.

There are lots of celebrities that are saying that this is the thing, but do you have to be a celebrity to use it? What happens if you are in fact, not rich and famous and want to use the cosmic ordering service?

Remember that when you are looking at whether or not this cosmic ordering system works that there is a good chance that you will sabotage yourself. Remember how strongly this modality will reflect how you really feel and what you really think.

Everyone has the right and the opportunity to use the cosmic ordering service. The system brings whatever you desire. Some may say, I didn’t desire to be ill, to be penniless or unhappy and they are right.

The problem here is that you are thinking in negatives, and that the Universe does not understand that! When you say that you don’t want to be unhappy, the thoughts that you are putting out there involve being unhappy. You are focusing on the unhappiness, and the Universe is responding!

Turn the desire around and say that you are someone happy with your life, and rich in every way that matter. This is a desire that the universe understands and you will find that by focusing in this fashion that you will get exactly what you are after.

This is the area that many fail when they make affirmations or attempt to think positive. They see themselves as they are, not as they could be, and reaffirm their station in life instead of affirming the spot they should be and believing they are already received their cosmic order.

As you start using this paradigm, you will find that you are thinking about the belief system of others. For instance, when you were a kid, were you bullied? Remember how easy it was to believe every bad thing that they said about you? Didn’t that change your belief about yourself?

In a perfect world, children would grow up with the belief that they deserve everything that the want, but instead, they are told over and over again that they should not want, and that achievement only comes after work and pain and that you have to deserve the reward in question.

It is also wrong to always say that we should count our blessings. There is no good reason that we should be willing to settle for next to nothing. There are enough riches in the world for everybody. There is so much in fact that that it could stretch to infinity.

If your belief is that there are not sufficient amounts and that you are required to take the wealth of others to get the amount you desire, then you are reiterating the belief of other people acquired more and that you have less or nothing. You should be joyous for others, also have the knowledge that there is plenty of wealth, which you do not have to snatch from another individual to have a portion of it.

Science has a lot to say about this method as well. When you put out brainwaves, you are actually affecting quarks, the smallest particles known to man. Remember that small things mean a lot in quantum physics.

It’s not easy at all to change the beliefs of a lifetime, even with a few honest truths. Remove old beliefs that do you no good and look for tools to clear them away.

Fret not because there are indeed some very powerful tools at our disposal. Subliminal suggestion and self-hypnosis are just two of them but indeed, both are extremely powerful, as both target our subconscious minds, the area of our minds on which we need to focus. Through gaining access to this region of our minds, we are able to systematically wipe away those thoughts which are currently denying us the benefit of the cosmic ordering service.

You are able to control your own future but you need to believe this beyond a shadow of a doubt. By using the tools that are available you can clear the blockages in your subconscious mind and order all the things you desire for the cosmic ordering service.

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