Top 5 Ways To Prevent Morning Sickness

Hi all! For this article, I decided to talk about the top 3 ways to prevent morning sickness. While this information might be a little late for those who already have morning sickness, this is great information for someone who expects to be pregnant soon. I hope you find this information useful. 🙂

1. Prenatal Vitamins!

This is by far my top recommendation. Taking Prenatal Vitamins can really help with preventing morning sickness. You may also find that this will help extra if your stomach tends to hurt.

2. Avoid Certain Smells

A great way to prevent morning sickness is to avoid certain smells that may trigger you to vomit. When you have morning sickness, you can have an extreme sense of smell. The slightest bad smell can lead you to feel nauseas and vomit. Avoiding these smells is a big key! So do everything you can to keep these smells away from you!

3. Turn Down The Heat!

A lot of people don’t think of this, but turning down the temperature in your home can really help with preventing morning sickness. Having the temperature too warm can lead you to feel sick and nauseas. This is true not just with morning sickness, but with life in general. Being too hot never makes you feel good.

4. Eat Small Portions

Another thing you should consider doing is eating smaller meals throughout the day. Having 3 large meals in the day can later lead to a queasy stomach which is what we are trying to avoid. You can eat the same amount of food in a day, just separate it into smaller meals! 5 smaller meals is better then 3 big meals.

5. Eat Dairy Products

Finally, I highly recommend that you eat dairy products. Dairy foods can really help in preventing morning sickness and other mothers who have been through many pregnancies can definitely back this up.

I hope this list has given you some ideas on preventing morning sickness. Morning sickness is a major pain in any pregnancy, but remember, information is power! In this case, the power to prevent your morning sickness from happening.

Good luck!

Ashley has been through 3 pregnancies and dealt with morning sickness on all 3 pregnancies. She runs a Morning Sickness Cures blog. On this blog, Ashley discusses morning sickness, and how to go about getting rid of it. Visit her website:

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