Top Tips To Help You Generate Free Twitter Leads For Your MLM Business

Twitter is a great place to generate leads for your network marketing opportunity because it’s free to use, east to use and requires barley any work once you understand how to do it properly. Unfortunately many network marketers are going about getting twitter leads the wrong way.

Presently, Twitter is the 11th most viewed site on the entire internet (according to so it’s clear that twitter is a place where you want to be marketing your business. The trick is to understand and use the principles of attraction marketing to magnetize people to you, and not scare them away… which is what nearly all home based business owners are doing.

If you’re truly serious about generating Twitter leads to build your MLM business, I have put together a list of techniques to help you stand out and differentiate yourself from the “Join my business” crowd, so that you are able to begin getting Twitter leads today.

Twitter Leads Tip #1 – Relate To People

Your profile is the perfect place to connect with people. Let them know where you’re from and what you are about. Essentially, show them that you’re a real person. The network marketing business is a people business and people want to do business with people they know.

Your profile description also allows you to place a link to your website. Use this space to link back to your personal blog and not a capture page or generic company website. Directing people back to your blog will allow them to learn more about you and let them to opt-in to your email list as well.

Twitter Leads Tip #2 – Use A “Smiley” Profile Picture

People want to do business with friendly, positive people. So get a nice “smiley” photograph of yourself and reveal to the world that you’re a decent, fun, happy person. If the picture you use is too serious or you don’t look like a happy person, people will not be interested in viewing at your profile.

Twitter Leads Tip #3 – Offer Value

Apply the principles of attraction marketing and offer value. People who are all “join me, join me” are not giving any type of value to the marketplace and will make people hit the Unfollow button.

Share inspirational quotes, things that you liked from books, audios, training videos, training webinars, what have you. You could even upload fun pics from time to time using the website

You should always be adding valuable content to peoples lives. When people look at you as a trusted source of information, they will be keen to find out more information about you and what you are doing.

Twitter Leads Tip #4 – Automate Your Account

Use free technology like to semi-automate your Twitter account. This software will let you follow those who follow you automatically. It even allows you to send automatic direct messages to your new followers. This saves heaps of time responding to new followers and also adds a personal touch to your Twitter campaign.

Twitter Leads Tip #5 – Start With A Funded Proposal Offer, Not Your Business Opportunity

Funded proposals are an awesome way to get leads for your business because they offer a solution to an obstacle that most distributors in the home based business industry have…generating leads.

Many of the people you’ll be connecting with on Twitter will already have a business opportunity, so it’s useless to try and recruit them into your opportunity.

If you start off with a funded proposal and not your business, it allows you to generate leads that’ll ultimately join your opportunity, while also making money off of the 97% of people who won’t join your business.

The largest bit of advice I can offer you on getting Twitter leads is, do the reverse of what everybody else is doing. You want to stick out from the crowd as a leader and person of value. If you ONLY promote your opportunity you will scare people away.

Give valid content and value and you’ll have a stampede of traffic heading back to your websites where you can sign them up as leads and grow your relationship with them further.

In order to get more info on how to generate Twitter leads every day, visit my website (click the following link) where you can get view a free 61 minute Twitter leads webinar.

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