Treasure Hunters Roadshow Sports Memorabilia Buyers.

The strength of Treasure Hunters Roadshow can be measured by the strength of its personnel. The company has recruited the ideal of the ideal from around the globe to furthur its mission of acquiring treasures for hundreds of non-public collectors who are actively in search of antiques and collectibles. With an objective of reaching 1500 workers by 2012, THR continues to include talent to its base of specialists during this period of time of explosive progress. Job seekers are encouraged to take a look at carrier possibilities with the corporation. Uncovering treasures and managing them with the right collectors is no simple process. It requires one hundred roadshow groups of knowledgeable professionals to travel throughout North The united states and Europe each and every week, meeting with regional sellers who have valuable they no more time require or want. The roadshow groups assess every and every single merchandise purchased to their occasion and, on average, make provides 80% of the time.

Treasure Hunter Roadshow occasion collects unique forms of coins which involve $two.5 Gold Coins paying out up to $3,800, $5 Gold Coins paying up to $4,500, $ten Gold Coins paying up to $five,500, $20 Gold Coins having to pay up to $6,800, Indian Head Cents having to pay up to $500, Wheat Cents having to pay up to $1,500, Huge Cents spending up to $3,800, 2 Cent Pieces paying out up to $2,000, three Cent Items paying up to $two,500, Buffalo Nickels paying up to $one,800, War Nickels paying up to $two,000, V Nickels having to pay up to $2,800, Shield Nickels paying up to $4,000, Capped Bust Fifty percent Dimes paying out up to $10,000, Barber Dimes spending up to $two,800, Mercury Dimes paying out up to $2,600, Seated Liberty Dimes paying up to $6,500, Barber Quarters paying out up to $three,200, Liberty Quarters paying out up to $4,400, Liberty Halves paying up to $four,700, Kennedy Halves paying out up to 8x encounter, Barber Halves spending up to $6,750, Peace Bucks spending up to $3,000, Morgan Silver Bucks spending up to $one hundred,000.

Treasure Hunters Roadshow specializes in the collectible coin and paper funds marketplace. Rare coins, tokens and paper are extremely ideal by private collectors in the company’s network. Consequently, the consumers at THR are often treasure hunting, seeking for uncommon and strange currency for thousands of numismatics who are actively seeking to increase their collections. Most individuals enjoy dollars, or at least enjoy obtaining possession of dollars. We are so discovered of funds that we have offered it pet names, like gravy, chicken feed, bread, cabbage, loot, chips and the almighty dollar. Numismatics, those who review and collect coins and paper dollars, have a particular attraction to the dough. On staff at THR are seasoned numismatics who dwell and breathe all issues ‘ currency’, from U.S and foreign tender to ancient and medieval coinage.

Treasure Hunters Roadshow is now conducting events at 1929 Hotel Seville, Harrison, AR from 6/14/2011 to 6/18/2011.

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