Tune Your Guitar Using iTune Apps

Apple has helped out guitar players everywhere with their assortment of guitar tuning apps for both the iPad (versions 1 and 2) and the iPhone (all versions). Ranging in price from $.99 to $19.99, these apps tune 6 string guitars as well as bass guitars and the more elaborate tuners can be used to tune in different keys. Quite a change for the old days when you would have to find the “e” note on a piano and go from there.
There are 3 apps for the iPhone. Guitar Tuner Simple is a $.99 app that helps you tune your guitar in a standard 6 string tuning-EADGBE. This is a very basic app that will also work on the iPad. You don’t have any options but the traditional EADGBE tuning, but it does a good job of tuning to those notes. Bass Tuner Simple (by the same designer) does the same job for a 4 or 5 string bass. Also compatible with the iPad, this tuner lets you see as well as hear when you have tuned to the correct note.
iStrobo Soft is the most elaborate, and expensive, of the three tuning apps for the iPhone. This $9.99 app works as a strobe tuner and allows you to tune you guitar to incredible accuracy. Multiple screens show you the octave, your key and how far off tune your string is. The iStrobo Soft allows you to tune guitars, bass and woodwinds quite easily. While is can be used on the iPad, it is not native to the iPad and doesn’t work as well as it does on the iPhone.
There are two tuning programs for the iPad that were developed specifically for the iPad. Tuners HD is a $.99 app that works very well for the standard EADGBE tuning and can be used on guitars, violins, ukulele and bass. Simple and basic, you match your sound with the monitor on the screen.
The iStrobo Soft HD tuner is a more sophisticated version of the iPhone application and allows you to tune guitars, basses, violins and woodwinds. More expensive than the other tuning apps at $19.99, this tuner uses a mechanical strobe design to help you tune your instrument with accuracy. This app won’t work on the iPhone and is probably more detailed than what a casual guitar player would need, but it is a slick program that really does a good job.
Which tuning app is right for you? It all depends on your level of guitar expertise and how comfortable you are tuning your guitar. The $.99 apps will tune your guitar but they are not nearly as accurate as the more expensive apps. Like most things in life, you do get what you pay for.

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