Types Of Industrial Magnets

You may not realize the importance of industrial magnets, as they are products that are hardly visible. The truth is that you can find industrial magnets in many different industries including pharmaceuticals, shipping, food, plastics, construction, mining, automotive, ceramics, electronics, and glass.


The majority of the uses of these magnets are found in the factories on the production lines and used for lifting, holding, dropping, stacking, and moving the products.

There are many different types of industrial magnets with each more performing a different task. The magnets are defined by the grade or strength, which is determined by the amount of force it can hold under the correct conditions. There are a few factors that need to be looked at in order to decide this, which includes motion, vibration, friction, angles, sizes, shapes, and surface conditions.

The machining forces will affect the way the magnet holds force so each one chosen but be chosen properly in order to have the affect needed. The main features of an industrial magnet that must be considered include the length, diameter, height, and width.

The types of industrial magnets on the market today include conventional magnetized, multiple magnetizes, or no magnetization. The no magnetization magnets are created in a magnetic circuit so they will be completely magnetized. By using the magnets thickness, length, and diameter, the conventional magnets are magnetized as well as the multiple and conventional magnets except for the poles.

The multiple magnets have several poles, while conventional industrial magnets have only two, which are in the end while. Industrial magnets are truly important pieces of equipment that are very strong and have not been able to be duplicated.

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