US Government Is Now Allowing 99 Weeks Of Unemployment Pay With Unemployment Extension

Did you know that the US Government is now allowing 99 weeks of unemployment pay with unemployment extension benefits? This program is providing working people with an extra 13 to 20 weeks of receiving unemployment insurance benefits from the state in areas with a specific rate for unemployment. Generally, this extension is given through the program if individuals use up the normal state benefits in addition to the Emergency Unemployment Compensation.
In case you are among the millions of people in America who wants to know more about the Tier 5 situation, you will find some of the earlier and recently updated proposals below.

Here is a brief look at the background:
If the Tier 5 is implemented, this would add more weeks for persons to benefit from unemployment extension compensation. Currently, the previous extensions that was passed by Congress, which include the extension in December 2010, have just extended the eligibility for the current tiers, allowing you to get up to the maximum 99 weeks in the majority of the states. Although those extensions have assisted millions, they have not given any extra weeks for the millions who have exhausted their existing benefits.
Earlier Proposals
The Act for Americans who want to work was unveiled by Senator Stabenow from Michigan and this bill is offering:
An extra 20 weeks of benefits to individuals with expired benefits, as long as they are living in a state with an unemployment rate that is at least 7.5%.
Businesses a tax break for $2,000 for employing workers who have already exhausted their unemployment benefits.
Based on the proposal, this bill would provide eligibility retroactively, which means that you would still be eligible if you have finished your earlier tiers recently.

The Act for Emergency Unemployment Compensation was presented by Representative Berkley from Nevada. Although this is similar, it would only apply to a smaller number of states.
This would give workers an extra 20 weeks of benefits once the normal weeks runs out, as long as they are in state with an unemployment rate that is 10% the least.
Only few states would satisfy the threshold for 10% unemployment rate.

Alternative to Tier 5
One of the alternatives to consider would be government grants. In case you are without a job, you might be eligible to get thousands of dollars from grant program.
A new bill is being worked on by Representatives Bobby Scott and Barbara Lee to assist the 99ers. This proposal includes the following conditions:
An additional 14 weeks would be provided for Tier 1 emergency unemployment compensation. The additional weeks would be made available to anyone who has exhausted their benefits and those who are going to be out of work this year.
There was an unemployment extension in November 2009 and this extension proposal is similar as it is providing extra weeks of Tier 2 benefits. When these extra weeks are added to Tier 1, they would be available for those who are unemployed for a long-term and not just the ones who are living in a state with a high unemployment rate.

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