Using A Cigar Holder

Cigar aficionados put a great deal of effort into finding the perfect accoutrements to their love affair with tobacco. The perfect cigar must be accompanied by a good ashtray, proper storage, high quality cutters, and for many smokers, even a cigar holder. The cigar holder will prevent the cigar from staining fingers, and look great, however, not everyone knows how to use one.


Begin by making sure the cigar holder is clean. Whether it’s the first time a new one is being used, the first experience with a used one, or a long time favorite of the smoker, it should be cleaned before every use. New ones may build up dust from being stored, which will change the taste of the cigar. Older cigar holders may have tobacco or residue inside of them. Run a pipe cleaner through it to make sure it is clear and residue and dust free.

Once the cigar holder is clean, make sure the cigar will fit into the holder. Put the end of the cigar in the opening, then turn it a few times to make sure it is secure, but make sure the cigar isn’t too big for the holder, that may damage it. Light it as per usual.

To smoke the cigar, always tilt the holder slightly upwards. Pointing it downwards may cause the cigar to loosen inside the holder, and fall.

Investing in a high quality, porous cigar holding can enhance any smoking experience, by protecting the hands and teeth from some of the residue, and from any loose tobacco that would normally end up in the mouth. Stay classy, with a nice cigar holder.