Web Marketing Strategies – How to Decide Which One is Best For You

How many different web marketing strategies do you think exist? Do you know? I sure don’t. There are probably an infinite amount of combinations on how to market your web site, but you don’t need to know them all. In fact, one or two web marketing strategies might just be the best thing for you.

When I first explored the world of internet marketing, several years ago, there weren’t many people pitching every possible product they could produce, touting how you could get rich quick if only you bought their product. Today it seems like every other email I open and every third web site I land on there’s somebody pitching their web marketing strategies system as the best. Most of them aren’t best for you.

I used to have what an internet marketing friend calls “bright, shiny object syndrome.” Meaning that I would buy a product, start to use it, then see an ad for another product teaching web marketing strategies, so I’d buy that one and completely change my marketing course. That wasn’t a very good idea. While it’s a good idea to continually correct your marketing course, changing it drastically only places your focus on something else. When you put your focus on too many things at one time, you focus on nothing.

So, how do you know what’s the right web marketing strategy for you? First, it’s best to know what type of a person you are. I’m fascinated by numbers and always have been, so I’m extremely fascinated by statistics. I’ve also spent several years in customer service, but would prefer not to do it any longer, so I put my focus on SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click ads) and other areas which are more statistics-based as opposed to human-based.

If you’re a “people person” you may want to explore web marketing strategies that involve list building and creating relationships with other people. Many marketers make a good living just by using social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and forums. They enjoy engaging in conversations with these people and often suggest products or services that these people buy.

I’ve read countless blogs, reports, articles and so on, all dealing with different online marketing strategies. It’s amazing how many of these articles will insist that if you want to make money online, you must open this account and that account and register with this service and on and on. Since I’ve always had a love for numbers, the technical end of researching cost per click ad prices and creating anchor links and coding HTML doesn’t give me a headache, but it may give you one.

If you’re just starting out in internet marketing, or not happy with what you’ve been doing, take some time to do some research to see what the best course of action is for you. There will be plenty of people out there who are extremely eager to tell you their way is best. And it might just be. Or not. One good thing to do is to research the person selling the product. Are they truly successful? Does the way they do business appeal to you? Would you prefer to learn a system taught by a guy in his bath robe and slippers or a woman in a business suit? If you like the personality of the person selling the product, and it seems similar to yours, then their product may be a good fit for you.

If you take on an internet marketing course that frustrates the heck out of you because there’s too much technical work that needs to be done or one that says you have to contact twenty people a day, but you’re a bit shy, then you’ll probably give up on it and have a sour taste in your mouth about internet marketing. If you enjoy writing, find a course that involves writing blogs, articles and email to send to a list. There are plenty out there.

The main thing is not to take on a course that involves methods you hate. Even if they promise you will make one hundred thousand dollars in the first six months. One of the reasons many people decide to start an online business is because they hate their job or the business their in outside of the internet.

If you’re starting an online business because you hate your job and want to quit, it doesn’t make sense to take on something else you hate. You have the choice. Be patient. Do your due diligence and research different web marketing strategies. If you see a product you’re interested in, but the seller is only offering the “special price” until midnight, don’t succumb to the urgency unless you like the product so much you would have paid full price for it. Getting something for half off is no deal if it’s something you can’t, or won’t, use.

The bottom line is to think about what you really enjoy doing and incorporate that into your marketing plan by getting products and services that will support what you already like, rather than pulling you in a completely different direction because somebody said that’s where the money is. There are plenty of people out there making lots of money doing what they love. If you exercise a little patience and think things through, you can be one, too.

Steve Mancini is the best-selling author of “Weeping Willow Volume One: Welcome to River Bend” and the popular web series, “Poor Paul.” Over the past ten years or so, he has delved into internet marketing and has created products that help the user manage their time, open up their creativity and help navigate the often-confusing world of internet marketing. If you’re interested in some great web marketing strategies and other online marketing advice, please visit his blog “Web Marketing Strategies.”Web Marketing Strategies”. Steve’s also compiled a handy, yet powerful, report on managing your time. There are plenty of proven methods to open up more of your time instantly! You can claim your own free copy by clicking on the link: Free Time Management Report

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