West Point New York

Adirondack chairs and the Adirondack chair footrest are some of the most loved and revered types of seating you can find in America. The original chairs were created by one Thomas Lee in Nineteen Hundred and Three. As the story goes Thomas Lee was on a holiday in West Point New York. So while he was there in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains he found himself in need of some simple chairs for outdoor use at his summer home. He created the first designs for this type of chair. Subsequently he took those designs and built the first chairs from his own two hands. His family served as the guinea pigs for these initial chairs.
Adirondack chairs and the Adirondack chair footrest have a surprisingly specific construction criterion. The original chairs were created to be made with eleven pieces of wood. Each of these pieces was taken out of a single plank of wood giving the chairs a singularly unique look. These chairs were also made with the terrain of the mountain sides in mind. This is exactly how Thomas Lee intended them to be. The chair had a straight back and the seat was set at an inclined angle. With this configuration it was much easier and comfortable to have a seat on the steep rocky slopes of the Adirondack mountain region. The original chairs also had wide armrests for added comfort which later became a signature feature of the Adirondack chair. While in the olden days Adirondack chairs were made in the aforementioned manner, in today’s markets the chairs have a few changes made to them and have a rounded back or a contoured seat. Some are even made of plastics or engineered wood instead of the genuine article.
Some people only buy the chair but one thing u need with this chair is the Adirondack chair footrest. An Adirondack chair footrest is the perfect companion piece to this chair. An Adirondack chair footrest is made from the same fine materials as your chair itself, and once you purchase one you won’t understand how you lived without an Adirondack chair footrest. Nothing beats an Adirondack chair footrest as you get ready to put your feet up at the end of the day. The Adirondack chair footrest is made to the same style as your Adirondack chair. You don’t have to worry whether your Adirondack chair footrest will match your chairs, because they will.
Truth be told, Adirondack furniture are the epitome of grace and class, polished, matured and survived over a century of change. They are stylish, elegant and the ideal option for anyone that wants the best in outdoor furniture for their home. Adirondack chairs last generations.

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