What Are Rare Earth Magnets?

What are rare earth magnets? They are a rare form of magnet that comes from alloy elements in the earth that are rare as well. This variety of metal came out in the 1970’s when it was first formulated. They are considered to be the most powerful of all magnets that are in existence . These rare earth magnets are far more powerful than ferrite or alnico too. The fields that are created by ferrite and ceramic magnets are only 0.5-1 tesla and the fields created by rare earth magnets can go greater than 1.4 tesla. Rare earth magnets do have a pull that can be very immense but metal content can be very weak, corrode very easily, and brittle in detail. A special plating or coating is added to them to prevent the metal from breaking off or chipping.


The Explanation of Its Strength

Despite popular opinion that does exist, the term of “rare” does denote that this metal is either expensive or precious in make up. On the contrary, it is the same as lead and or tin, which is common in standing. The interest in rare earth magnets began back in 1966 when two scientists from the United States Air Force named K.J. Strnat and G. Hoffer discovered a material called YC05. What made YC05 so special was that it had a magnetic anisotropy that was higher than any other material around. This material combined a high level of magnetism along with a high level of anisotropy. The blending of these two elements gave this material a magnetic strength that was very tremendous.

Rare earth magnets or lanthanmide as they are scientifically classified possess a ferromagnetic quality that permits them to be magnetized as much as metal is. Lanthanmide only displays this element while in pure form and this is only at temperatures that are low. Nonetheless, if lanthanmide is combined with other compounds such as iron, nickel and cobalt. All of these metals are common and have their own magnetic strength that goes well over the temperature of a room. They are usually brought together with lanthanmide to create these earth magnets that are rare.

What are Neodymium magnets?

The strongest and the cheapest of the lanthanmide magnets is no other than the Neodymium magnets. These magnets came out in the 1980s. They are a special alloy that is composed of neodymium, boron, and iron. The mixture of these three compounds creates a magnetic field that is very strong. The uses for Neodymium are popular for hard drives, audio speakers, and numerous electronic devices. The metal is protected from any chance of decay or corrosion by placing other stronger alloys out on the surface. A few of the protective alloys used are no other than zinc, nickel, tin, gold and epoxy resin. The first time that Neodymium magnets came out, they were very expensive in price, and had been applied to only applications that were specialized in detail. It is just in the last twenty years or so, these magnets have come down in price, and are something that the general public is now able to afford. This low cost of Neodymium has made it available as a material in the creation of play things and various other items of interest to kids that are magnetized.


The dangers that go along with earth magnets that are rare is this. They contain a huge force that does not usually accompany other metals that are normal. Magnets that are only a few inches in length can have enough strength to hurt parts of the human body. This is especially true if a person is somehow pinched between these two metals. A large enough metal can even cause a broken bone on a person if there is enough force present to do damage. The force of these rare earth magnets can be a thing to be reckoned with and can even shatter the metal. This metal can be dangerous if it breaks off in shards and goes flying wildly in different directions. These fields can also prove to be very hazardous to any electrical equipment. So much so that a credit card can be erased electronically or even an entire hard drive. Any very large magnetic objects should be kept far away from any other electronic items.