What is a Funded Proposal? – Your key to working from home full time!

You see, 97% of reps fail miserably in this industry for a few reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because they were never informed on how to properly market. Have you ever been in a network marketing company where you presented the opportunity to a group of people, maybe a few signed up, but the majority of your prospects said “No.” In reality, you just made money from about 10% of everyone who had a chance to properly view your opportunity. Think about that…

90% of people just said “No” to your business opportunity, and that was it! A Funded Proposal gives you the opportunity to keep the business relationship open by selling an inexpensive informational product so that you can still make money even when people don’t join your primary business. Think about this in the terms of online marketing in the sense that you spend money to generate traffic, which generates some leads, which only a portion of that may join your business. Most representatives spend themselves out of business before they even have the chance to develop one.

With a Funded Proposal system in place, you have the ability to capture the money the most other distributors leave on the table. Not only that, but you can continue to maintain your marketing efforts because you should generally stay in profit. The power that a funded proposal has is that it dramatically decreases your risk when you market, especially if you are spending money on traffic or leads, but that’s not all it does.

The Funded Proposal goes much farther than being able to monetize the 90% of people who say “No” to your business, it helps position yourself as the expert in your niche and allows you to enlighten your future customers on why they require whatever you have to offer. If the purchase takes place in Internet land, they have already proven that they are willing to pull out the credit card and buy something from you. They have proven that they are interested in what YOU have. As they are getting value, you are gaining credibility. The Funded Proposal is everything, and is the key to having a functioning business that works!

As focused as this Article is on the network marketing industry, it does not confine the use of the Funded Proposal. The Funded Proposal can be used anywhere, for instance if you retail shoes, you may want to create an informational product in regards to how a shoe helps reduce your daily stress. The shoe may not initially be sold, but you help pay for the marketing costs, and you gain credibility as someone who works with shoes. The customer will then decide to purchase the shoe when their need meets your offer.

Having a Funded Proposal System in place to help with your marketing efforts is crucial, Especially if you are in MLM. If you want to find out how to further use this method to explode your marketing, you can visit Brian Cain’s Personal Blog. Don’t wait to Dramatically Increase your results Today!

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