What Is The Deal With Mobile Phone Recycling? Where Do I Do It?

I was talking to a friend yesterday. We were speaking about mobile phones and how its so hard to get rd of it. I just happened to mention to him this thing I heard about called mobile phone recycling. I didn’t know a lot to be honest with you, but I did know a little bit! First off, mobile phone recycling is a GOOD thing for anyone to do. It allows you to give someone your mobile phone or even sell your mobile and have them dispose of the phone correctly. Here are some stats I found on Google for the UK:

– Cell Phones contain, Lead, Beryllium, Arsenic, Mercury, Antimony, Cadmium all which are toxic to humans. Recycling cell phones keeps those harmful ingredients out of our waste streams and landfills.

– 1 Million cell phones recycled would reap 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver and 35,274 pounds of copper. It also would save energy and cut water and air pollution, including greenhouse gases.

– If everybody in the UK recycled their old mobile phone, together we will help preclude 2,500 tons of electronic waste ending up in landfills each year! Your efforts for recycling your old phone wouldn’t go empty-handed either, you’ll also receive cash for phones. Indeed, this means you are getting a fiscal reward in return for trading in your old mobile and helping the environment.

Giving your phone away or even recycling it might seem a little odd. Why cant you just throw it in the trash. Read those little stats above and I think you will have your answer! Anyone can do this. It doesn’t matter your age or your sex or your location. Well, maybe your location. The US has not caught up with phone recycling just yet, at least not the kind I am talking about. You can donate your phone to someone that needs it or send it overseas to our men in war.

But, the mobile phone recycling I am talking about, primarily happens in the UK and its called mobile phone recycling or cash for phones. Cash for phones allows you to sell your mobile AND make money off of the phone. Pretty awesome right? Then, they pay you and they take the phone and either use the parts to fix other phones or they might recycle phone properly so that none of those nasty stats above happen! You can try to ask some of the sell your mobile UK sites will take your US mobile phones. Who knows what they will say!

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