Many different industries create some degree of pollution through everyday operations, but when this creates the possibility of pollution-related injuries, accidents or other similar occurrences, it may be time to consider getting pollution liability insurance. You may not have heard about this insurance type before, but if your business is interested not only in environmental care but in additional coverage in case you’re found to be the cause of pollution, it’s essential to understand what this insurance covers.

Numerous Industries May Find Pollution Liability Insurance Useful

You might not think your business qualifies for pollution liability coverage, but the truth is that this insurance can cover numerous industries. For example, those working in the following sectors, among others, may find it helpful:

  • Product manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Agriculture

It Helps You Pay for Damage Cleanup and More

When you have this insurance, you essentially help cover the costs of any cleanup that needs to occur after some sort of pollution, like an oil spill, for instance. Additionally, it can help cover legal fees and any payments you may have to make to compensate for resulting injuries.

If your business at all is at risk of creating pollution, you may be leaving your company vulnerable to environmental lawsuits in the event of damages caused by that pollution. To prevent this, you may want to research your options for getting pollution liability insurance.