What To Consider When Pruchasing A Hen House

You’ve made the decision that you would like to acquire some hens and are also deciding whether or not to get a ready made chicken coop or possibly construct one of your own. No matter what you choose, there’s a few fundamental details you should find out about chickens and their husbandry prior to you making your choice.

The very first thing you should do is make your mind up what kind of chicken you would like. Chicks happen to be cute and usually appear the same between breeds however as they mature they are going to have their own colors, sizes, as well as personalities. Virtually all hens share the same fundamental requirements with regard to healthy living but the mature size of chicken breed you opt for as well as the goal of owning your chickens is going to determine just how much room ones coop will need to be. Chickens may be raised for meat, used solely as egg-layers, or even bred to sell chicks and these will play a role as to what sort of chicken coop you will need.

The general rule will be to allow no less than 2 sq ft for every hen within the coop and also at the very least that much within the out of doors area. Larger chickens will certainly want a lot more room, smaller breeds less. Hens will peck each other when the hen house is too small, specifically should you keep roosters. It can be crucial that chickens have got access to the outdoors, irrespective of their size and purpose, and this is often accomplished by adding a fenced-in exercise yard referred to as a run.

Chicken coops might have the run coupled to the doorway of the hen house to enable the hens to come and go as they wish or perhaps it may be an area separate to the chicken coop itself. Either way, the chicken coop and the run ought to be fenced on every side plus ideally on top, as well, to be able to safeguard your chickens from possible predators.

Burying this fencing into the ground a couple of inches will help prevent predators from digging in to the run and hen house. Coops that are professionally produced and sold will certainly provide safe chicken coops with attached or unattached runs which have been built specifically in order to keep potential predators at bay.

Female hens will lay eggs no matter if there’s a rooster around or not, and so it really is important to provide your chickens with individual nesting areas. It is possible to buy as well as build a chicken coop that’s got trap doors on the coops exterior to be able to facilitate gathering eggs while not disturbing your hens.

You will will need areas for your hens to roost (sleep and rest) and it is ideal to have a chicken coop door that could be shut and also locked during the night. The chicken house itself will require satisfactory and also safe ventilation so potentially harmful waste gases don’t build up within and harm your chickens or chicken coop itself. Keeping the chicken coop up off the ground on stilts or maybe bricks will keep the hen house warm and dry for your chickens.

Chickens produce a whole lot of fecal waste and also over time, this can result in an unsanitary run area for your hens. Rotating the run about your property will give your hens a new piece of land to exercise and eat from and a chicken tractor is definitely an great approach to accomplish this.

A chicken tractor is actually a chicken coop that has wheels on one side that enables you to move the coop from place to place. When in place, it stays stationary up until you decide to move it once again. The run may well need to be moved separately but make sure it as well as the chicken coop are rotated on a frequent basis.

Keeping chickens doesn’t necessarily have to be challenging and also they can be happy and productive in the event you use common sense when looking after them. Provide them with a secure, clean, and dry chicken coop and run, either one you constructed or one manufactured by a professional, and provide them daily exercise and exposure to fresh air and the sun. This will ensure ones flock live a long and also healthy life.

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