What You Need To Know About Installing Hardwood Floors

There are several choices available for flooring but if you want sturdiness and elegance hardwood is the best. Hardwood floors provides a practical solution for almost every room of your home. Although many only use wood floors in dining rooms, living rooms, and family rooms, they can be a beautiful choice for bedrooms, kitchen, and baths as well.

If the hardwood floor installation will be done by the owner, it is best to use planks that have already been finished. A professional installer is required in the case of unfinished wood, since knowledge of using a drum sander is essential. This can leave dents in the floor if not done correctly.

It is a good idea to stack any wood planks inside of your house for a few days before the planned installation. This way, any swelling or shrinkage which may occur will have happened beforehand. The flooring has to be installed across the floor joists.

Before installation, sub-flooring should be examined, remove the shoe moulding, and clean up the floor. Vapor barrier paper will have to be laid down, with 4 inches over each edge. The vapor barrier will then need to be stapled to the sub-floor. You need to use 15 pound tar paper or felt, which is about twelve bucks a roll. Draw off the location of the joists with a pencil.

Select the longest wall and a long plank, and using a chalk line, score the board for pilot holes. Drill these holes in the board, through the sub-floor and into the joist. The first plank in the row will have to be face-nailed, and then a nail set must be utilized. The groove side of the first row’s planks should face the wall.

Take the time while you are working to fill your nail holes with wood putty which is identical. This is simpler than trying to identify the holes later on, since some of them may be hard to see. After face nailing the whole first row and patching, set up the boards for the next row.

Take note of how the wood flooring latches piece to piece. Completely install the floor, using these same steps. Always be sure to leave a 3/8 inch space between the last planks and the wall, in case the wood expands. After sweeping all dust from the floor, the last step is to replace the shoe moulding.

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