What You Should Know About Meerschaum Pipes And Humidors

If you want to experience cigars, you need to do your homework to find out the tools you need for a great cigar smoking experience. In the process, you will learn how to maintain the freshness of the product, cutting cigars in the proper manner, and what are the products that will give the best taste and flavor. Cigars are very different from cigarettes. Unlike cigarettes where there is really nothing to learn, you will need time to learn how to appreciate cigars properly. In order to achieve this, you properly need to research on the great cigars and how to buy the right meerschaum pipes, cigar cutter and find the perfect humidor.


Meerschaum is a mineral that is found on the sea. This cream colored stone makes a good material to be used in the fabrication of cigar holders and pipes. That is why meerschaum pipes are so popular. It is also widely used as cigar holders because of its lightness. In choosing meerschaum pipes, you need to get those that are porous as it can burn the tobacco more efficiently. Meerschaum pipes do not influence the taste of the cigar at all so the experience of smoking a great cigar will not be contaminated.

Along with the the meerschaum pipe, you will also need a humidor. A humidor box is the place where you keep your expensive cigars. The humidor is designed to ensure the freshness of the product by maintaining the perfect humidity range at all times. The best humidity level for keeping cigars is between 68 – 72 percent.