Who Would Sue A Lawyer With Or Without Legal Malpractice Insurance?

Who would sue a lawyer? The answer is clients unhappy with the advice or the results of the service received or anyone who wants to. All it takes to file suit is the cost of a court action. People can represent themselves; they do not even need to hire an attorney. Lawyers who practice without legal malpractice insurance put themselves and their assets at risk. This valuable coverage includes the cost of defending a suit and the settlement or judgment up to the liability limits. It may include defense for disciplinary actions and help with risk reduction programs. Best of all it allows attorneys to go about their business without worry.


Having a prepaid defense fund buys peace of mind. The cost of defending even frivolous lawsuits is very expensive and time-consuming. One of the benefits of obtaining an e and o policy is knowing the insurance company has top rated attorneys standing by ready to help. These professionals are experts and can quickly evaluate the merits of a case and predict the outcome. Years of professional experience gives them the expertise to make recommendations backed by hard facts and data. A case involving missed filing dates or court appearances with horrific consequences may mean negotiating the best settlement possible while a suit brought by an untruthful divorce client unhappy that hidden assets were found and shared will be headed to trial. Having these qualified attorneys ready to represent the policyholder means the policyholder can continue his or her personal business while someone else does the paperwork and legal research for their defense.

Many times a civil action includes a complaint filed with the state licensing board. Being represented by the experienced litigants of legal malpractice insurance companies guarantees a well-thought-out defense that is logical and focused. That representative is not paralyzed by fear of losing a license to practice law and the only way to make a living.

These companies have risk reduction programs and suggestions to educate their clients and reduce exposure to potential expensive lawsuits. Taking advantage of this opportunity may reduce insurance premiums; it will reduce opportunities to be sued. Insurance providers keep detailed records on claims and use this information to help clients avoid becoming another court case statistic.

Anyone who believes they were injured or stands a chance to collect a few bucks will sue attorneys with or without legal malpractice insurance. The best protection for the legal profession is this insurance policy that covers both the cost to defend lawsuits and clear thinking, experienced legal counsel. Added benefits that may be included are skilled defense attorneys representing policyholders in front of state licensing boards and risk reduction techniques designed to reduce or eliminate many of these unwanted, unnecessary and frivolous lawsuits.

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