Why Caravan Clubs Are Important

Different types of people have different ways of having fun during the holidays. A large number of people, whether traveling alone or with a group, like to go to popular tourist spots. There is a preference to traveling by plane, staying in a resort or a good hotel. However, this can cost a significant amount. A cheaper alternative is driving by caravan. Insurance is a must when driving a caravan. For frequent caravan drivers, caravan club insurance is a practical option. Shopping and comparing different caravan club insurance rates is ideal to getting the best offers and products for the intended purpose.


Membership to a caravan club does cost money. However, the benefits of being in such a club outweigh the initial cost and effort. Frequent caravan travelers may benefit from discounts for parking or gas. More experienced members will also be able to give advice on how to reduce risks for more discounts or better club insurance rates.

Caravan clubs also offer discounts to various insurance companies wherein members can benefit from reduced club insurance rates. Each group is affiliated or has connections to different insurance companies. Insurance companies also vary depending on the products and amount of coverage they offer. Drivers will need to see what each group offers in order to find the best club insurance rates for their caravans.

On the other hand, insurance companies are more willing to give discounts to drivers and travelers that are members of caravan clubs. Insurance companies have no assurance of how careful their applicants are as drivers. Companies look for characteristics that indicate that the applicant is a careful driver or making efforts to become one. Some of the signs include installing security devices on their vehicles such as alarms and locks or parking in areas designated specifically for caravans. A membership to a caravan club is another good sign for insurance companies. Insurance companies are often more willing to give better club insurance rates to caravan club members.

It is important for applicants to research the various products available for caravans. Varying situations and conditions require different types of coverage. Applicants should inquire with as many insurance companies as possible to find the best coverage for their situation and the right price. This may seem like a daunting task but there is no need to visit each company physically. Most major insurance companies have a website or a contact number where interested applicants can get a quote and inquire on caravan club insurance rates.

Caravans and caravan clubs offer travelers a unique set of benefits. Other than camaraderie and learning more about caravans, membership to such clubs offer better club insurance rates. Frequent caravan travelers should take advantage of these clubs to get better deals and coverage, resulting in peace of mind when driving a caravan.

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