Why Do Fashion Purses Make Girls Feel Different

Women love their purses. Big, little, sexy, sporty, leather, canvas, it doesn’t matter. All women love a stylish handbag. Beautiful fashion bags make women different.

A dumpy, tattered purse is something that no woman wants to carry around with her. It is time to toss your bag when it becomes stained and ragged and stretchy. A dirty old purse can be just as horrifying as body odor or greasy hair. Just dump that old bag in the trash and go buy yourself a new one! It’s time for some new style for you. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are many bargain stores that sell beautiful, fashionable purses. So go. Go shopping. You’ll feel better when you’re organizing your lovely new bag.

A woman’s character is defined by her style. The purse accents her outfit, and thus her character, perfectly. The effect of a perfectly suitable outfit can be ruined when the accompanying purse is in a state of disrepair. You know you deserve better than this. Don’t let your purse humiliating you. It’s time to get a new one. Grab your girlfriends and head to the mall. Your spirits will be elevated when you dump your tattered shame and instead display your beautiful and stylish new purse.

It is an insult to yourself to carry and use a dumpy purse. This says, “I don’t give a darn” or “I stopped caring”. You probably don’t really feel this way, but it is the message that people read when they first see you. You are bringing yourself down. But don’t worry, you can redeem yourself. Go buy a new purse! There are so many choices and so many options. Your friends will want to go shopping with you.

A stylish purse is a lovely compliment to the clothing that is worn. When you wear a sporty, fun outfit with a sporty, fun purse, you are flashing style and authority. This is a good thing to flash so keep it up. If you wore your fun and sporty clothes with a stained and torn-up purse, you would be sending quite a different message, and it wouldn’t be a good message.

A worn-out, dated purse is embarrassing. This purse says that you are tired and drained. You just don’t care anymore. Do not let your clothing say this to the world. This is not what you want your colleagues to be thinking about you. This is not the message that you want your customers to hear. Think of the example that you want to set for your children.

Good style lifts the spirits. When you look good, you feel good. When you are dressed stylishly and your accessories are complimenting your clothing, you can’t help but feel good. That good feeling is expressed in your body language. People will feel your good sensations because you genuinely feel good. This is a great message to send.

On the other hand sloppy style is depressing. When you don’t care enough to pull yourself together, your body language spells defeat. Don’t send this message. Negativity breeds more negativity. Soon you will be spiraling downward. Dress for success, including your accessories, and your mood will follow.

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