Why Psychologist Malpractice Insurance Is Necessary

Most people who become psychologists chose this profession because they wanted to help others. Psychologists work with vulnerable people all the time, and try to improve their lives. Unfortunately, psychologists are very vulnerable themselves because they can be sued by their clients and sometimes even by other counselors insurance in the helping profession. A malpractice lawsuit is very expensive to defend against, even if you are found innocent and the lawsuit gets thrown out. The best way to have protection is by carrying Psychologist Malpractice Insurance coverage. By having enough coverage in place, the psychologist is protected from financial ruin.

Insurance companies provide malpractice insurance to many different types of professionals such as doctors and lawyers. If you are a practicing psychologist, check your policy to be sure that your coverage is adequate to defend you in a court case.


Psychologists who are just starting out or who have not yet received their license will pay a lower premium for their malpractice insurance. These discounts which may be up to 35 %, will continue for a few years until the psychologist becomes more established. This is done to lower the financial burden faced by a newly graduated psychologist after many years spent paying for expensive schooling. Malpractice policies are available to cover individuals as well as group practices.

Most psychologists want to pay all their attention to the work of helping their clients. They do not want to spend their time defending themselves in court, or worrying about an upcoming legal case. Psychologist malpractice insurance is necessary to provide protection against lawsuits. You can be sure of protection for yourself and your financial health by carrying malpractice insurance in an adequate amount.