Why SMEs in Singapore should protect their computers with Kaspersky Antivirus?

There is so much information out there about various threats your desktop faces every moment. I am totally surprised when I come across numerous PC users who still do not do enough to protect their Desktops/laptops. Most of them are not even aware that their inaction is inviting more trouble than they can imagine.

As the Internet is growing at an unimaginable speed so are the threats to your Computers. The main goal of any Virus, essentially a malicious computer program, is to spread as rapidly as possible and in many cases cause damage to your information assets or steal information from your Computer and send it back to the creator of the virus.

Here’s a quick look at some of the typical threats to your computer.

Malicious Virus Programs: These destructive programs get installed on your PC without you being aware of it. They may remain dormant for some time before they activate their deadly agenda. Some of them are also known as Trojans. Some track your keyboard activity, some store screen shots, especially for your online banking transactions, some download more malicious code, or some simply let a hacker access to your computer/network remotely. In short, these Trojans are programmed to ‘steal’ your confidential information and send it back to somebody with a criminal intention. Or, simply to destroy your valuable data and damage the hardware!

Phishing: This is another form of attack on your computer in which the hacker creates a replica of the website that you frequent, may be a bank website or any other website where you perform confidential transactions. This trick can fool you into willing handing over confidential information such as your PIN or password to the hacker. This could lead to further abuse.

Spam: Spamming is an attack on your Email account. It is unwanted bulk mail that keeps filling up your Inbox. Usually spammers steal your email address and send out these bulk emails in order to make money.

When I meet prospective client I come across standard cases which can be listed as follows:

a) Many SMEs still use FREE anti-virus software: Most SME’s tell me that someone told them that they do not need to spend money on buying anti-virus licence as there are free ‘antivirus’ programs that can be downloaded and are good enough. While these FREE antivirus programs may block only some of the threats, they cannot provide full protection as provided by reputed Antivirus solutions.

b) Preinstalled antivirus New PC’s/Laptops is sufficient: It’s true that the default installation of antivirus software on new PC’s / Laptops are usually valid for a trial period which expires within 3-months. When the trial or evaluation antivirus software license expire, it needs to be renewed so that your computer continue to receive the software updates which are latest antivirus signatures and software patches. Surveys showed that many small business users forget to do that and become hapless victims of a malicious attack.

c) False security of having antivirus installed: An anti-virus programs has a virus database. Every day many new computer viruses and trojans are found. Most users forget to update the virus database which means their anti-virus program is unable to protect their PC from new Viruses which go undetected.

d) Unaware of centrally monitored anti-virus system: Most organizations that use a networked computing environment need to have an anti-virus system that can centrally monitor all the machines and devices connected to the network. In the absence of this, viruses could be easily passed around the company via emails and files without anyone realizing it.

e) Anti-virus updates not automated: As much as the virus database need to be updated, even the anti-virus software needs to be updated to detect newer threat. Most anti-virus companies provide a free update facility which can be automated. Most SME’s forget to turn on the automatic update facility inviting fresh attacks on their systems.

Virus attacks can cause a lot of financial pain and interruption of business to SMEs. At CommGate, we protect our customers with our knowledge and proven tools from Kaspersky antivirus suite of protection software.

In fact, we used Kaspersky BusinessSpace Security in our own business for nearly 1-year before we decide to get ourselves certified and partnered with Kaspersky Labs to share with our clients the great discovery of one of the best antivirus products we made.

With Kaspersky antivirus, we save you from all the heartburn that is known only to those who have suffered from a serious virus attack. As the proverb goes, “Prevention is always better than cure.”

CommGate is the authorized partner of Kaspersky anti-virus in Singapore. We will be most happy to answer any of your queries on how you can leverage on CommGate’s expertise in Kaspersky anti-virus solutions.

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