Why Use A Raw Food Diet?

Raw foods are foods that are not processed and are in their all natural condition. There are several common sense rationales for why this is a good idea. When foods are cooked at high temperatures or processed many essential nutritional ingredients are removed. Think of some of the conventional wisdom you’ve heard about for years. When you prepare pasta and cook it to the “al dente”, or medium status, it will contain more calories, this is true, however it will possess more nutrients and vitamins as well, compared to cooking it until it is well done. Or you probably remember hearing not to peel carrots or potatoes too deeply, because most of the nutrients and values are just under the surface. On top of that to removing valued nutrients, toxic chemicals are often introduced when food is processed. You get more nutrition per calorie consumed with a raw food diet plan, and you avoid toxic chemicals that can make you fat. You may also want to learn how to lose belly fat in 2 weeks.

Because cooking takes so many nutrients and vitamins out of food, you automatically start feeding your entire body what it needs when you stop cooking food and start eating uncooked, nutrient-rich foods. As an example, a cooked carrot contains far fewer nutrients and vitamins than a raw carrot.

The cooking procedure also changes the chemistry of food, rendering them more difficult to digest. Why are there so many maladies associated with our digestive tracts? Because we’re applying foods into our bodies in a form that we weren’t intended to absorb. High fiber, high water content fresh produce abolishes constipation of the bowels. Bowel problems are reduced and blood flow is improved to all body cells. Enhanced blood flow is significant for two reasons: as mentioned above, blood delivers nutritional ingredients and oxygen to living cells, and carries away their toxic metabolites.

The problem of obesity has reached epidemic proportions. The weight loss industry has experienced rapid growth. This is caused by the way our food is highly processed and cooked. Many psychiatrists inform us that are eating habits are caused by underlying psychological problems. But in reality, our bodies are hungry, although we may feel full. When you start giving your whole body the nutritional ingredients it craves, overeating will cease.

Consuming raw foods will increase your metabolic rate too. More energy is utilized in the digestive process, but far more nutritional ingredients are received. When you partake of raw foods, your entire body does not have to expend so much energy ridding itself of toxins. You might want to try eating some shiritaki noodles for weight loss.

You will start to receive more of the nutrients your entire body requires, and your body will no longer be craving them, thus the amount of food you partake of will decrease. A starving brain will trigger the thoughts that make you overeat. The body does not require a vast quantity of food, it wants the nutrients and vitamins it needs.

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