Why You Should Have Malpractice Insurance

If you’re a health professional, the risk of a malpractice suit is constant. For therapists, there’s always the chance that a patient will think their treatment inadequate. A therapist must accept this risk as part of the job, and be adequately insured, with liability insurance. This is a brief overview of this type of insurance, and reasons why you should have it with Therapist Liability Insurance.

In the event that you are taken to court, liability insurance pays those legal costs.  It can also cover the damages if you’re found guilty. These costs can be huge, so it is wise to arrange as much insurance as possible to protect yourself. It won’t be cheap, but you’ll be safer from unexpected lawsuits should one be filed against you.


Therapist Liability is like other insurances in many ways. You choose the amount of coverage you want, and the deductible you’re prepared to pay. Obviously, the higher your deductible, the lower will be your premiums, as you are taking more of the risk.

It’s true that not everyone will qualify for this insurance. You will need to prove your competence and licence to practice, with the documentation that substantiates this. If you’re correctly qualified for your field, you should have no trouble here.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to picking an insurance company. And you can shop around, including online. By getting comparative quotes, you’ll be able to assess your options and choose the best package. You may even be able to combine other insurances you have or need with the same company, to save more on your premiums. It’s worth investigating.

Consider the premiums you’ll pay with therapist liability insurance as a very cheap way of taking care of many potential problems in the future. Your costs for legal advice and representation alone in one claim may be more than all your prior premiums put together. It’s something to think about.

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