Wiley X Glove And Eyewear: The Best Of The Best

When it comes to quality protective gear there is only one name you need to know: Wiley X. Wiley X Gloves, and other protective gear is at the top of the heap when it comes to security and protection. There is a reason that the US Army prefers Wiley X brand gear when outfitting their Special Forces units. 100% Made in America, Wiley X is a brand you can trust.

Wiley X’s ballistic glasses extend protection around the eye with their wraparound design while not hindering the wearer’s peripheral vision.

Featuring interchangeable smoke and clear lenses they are suitable for any conditions. Incorporating Selenite into the lens design makes them virtually shatterproof. With a t-shell coating they are also scratch resistant.

Wiley X Gloves are battle tested and ground proven. Having been used in multiple live a test situations they have always come out on top. These gloves have a wonderful balance of protection using a Kevlar weave and flexibility with a goat leather base.

Wiley X is a company that chooses to give back to their customers. Knowing that their customer base is largely military and security based, they have several programs that seek to aid disabled veterans.

Wiley X have reached the pinnacle of the protective glove and eyewear market by constant examination and development of their product using real life testing situations. The military special forces and law enforcement have been invaluable in helping this product’s development. Wiley X Gloves and eyewear have proven time and again to be the best option for civilian, military, and security personnel who require both durable and functional protective gear.

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