Wrought Iron Entry Door

Whether for exterior or interior use, a wrought iron entry door provides a secure and stylish entrance. This type of door can be found in several different designs to suit various tastes and needs. If one has a specific style in mind, a customized door can be fabricated with the client’s exact size, materials, and desired decorations.


Numerous design elements can be tweaked to come up with the perfect wrought iron entry door. The top can be curved or straight. Sidelights may be put in place to add some drama and give the illusion of width. Other Materials can be used in combination with the wrought iron like mahogany and glass to give a totally different look and feel to the door.

Glass is translucent so it is terrific for allowing light on the other side, the amount being dependent on the length of the panel. The glass should have good insulating properties and be strong enough to withstand abuse. To maintain some privacy, frosted glass may be used. Tinted or colored glass can also be considered.

One usually finds a wrought iron entry door outside of the house, but it can also be quite effective in restricting entry to sensitive rooms inside like the basement wine cellar and others. These are usually all-iron doors, with design patterns related to the room they are guarding, such as grapes and vines.

Other considerations are the door’s would-be location, size, and motif. For instance, a wrought iron entry door for exterior use must withstand the harsh elements. A bigger door would likely be more expensive than a small one. Finally, a wrought iron entry door should be decorated with patterns, shapes, and figures to make it more attractive.

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